FREE DOWNLOAD! Coloring book wall art!

So, I love the idea of a creative project that allows you to zen out after your littles have snoozed out for the night (or naptime) and bonus if it's something functional when you're done! I took some much needed veg-out time (while binge watching Kimmy Schmidt ;) and drew this coloring book page that doubles as wall art when you're all done getting your coloring on. Just print this puppy out on regular printer paper, grab your fav colored pencils and camp out in front of Netflix. When you're done you can pop your masterpiece in a standard 8" x 10" frame (they usually come with a an 5' x 7' window matte, which is what you want), et voila, art for your little's room!

Download the art here. Hope you dig it! La vie est swell with you, guys!