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Hi There! Here's how the whole thing started ;)

People always say when you have a baby everything changes and I thought ok, sure, how much can it really change. But, you guys, EVERYTHING changed! Well not everything; behind every picture in our house there will always be about four holes where I'd previously hung it only to decide it was too high/low/dumb and I will probably always sneak into the kitchen in my underwear at midnight when I can’t sleep to devour half a brick of cheese (ok, a whole brick ;-).

But everything else is different – I didn’t realize it the first time I held Daisy, it came later, when the dust had settled. We were cozed up under two blankets listening to music on shuffle with the swirling February snow outside, Daisy was snoozing on my chest, her tiny arm hugging my shoulder and her wheezy, new-to-this-breathing-thing, snores rocking her tiny body. I was so overwhelmed with joy, here was this little person who was mine, who absorbed and curled into the love that was splitting my heart in two with it’s massiveness. And then came the terror, that this would end, that she would grow up and it would change. I never wanted her to get any bigger.

That’s when... (continue reading)


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